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Since downshifting my workload after several very busy, very successful years contracting, I am now open to part-time, contract, or volunteer work in organizations involved in the following causes that I’m passionate about. Please reach out if I can help in any of these areas:

  • Climate Change
    • Reducing Greenhouse Emissions
    • Improving energy efficiency
    • Sustainable urban planning
  • Travel
    • Encouraging cultural exchange between tourists and locals
    • Making travel more sustainable for the environment and local cultures
    • Using travel to develop open-mindedness and self-reliance, particularly in young adults
    • Increasing accessibility to travel to those less privileged
  • Education
    • Developing STEAM skills in gradeschool populations
    • Financial Literacy/Investing
    • Improving the pipeline of DevOps engineers
    • Building resistance to misinformation
  • Community
    • Addressing the loneliness epidemic
    • Fostering constructive dialog between those with opposing viewpoints
    • Building local, in-person groups where members feel a sense of belonging
  • Health
    • Fighting obesity, heart disease, cancer, and depression
    • Encouraging outdoor recreation

Where am I?

Living in Anaconda, Montana, USA

Working On

  • This Site!
  • Remodeling a century-old home with an emphasis on energy efficiency