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🛠️ Projects

Some of the projects I’ve worked on and companies I’ve helped:


Online Game Creation Platform

November 2018 - Present

  • Designed and implemented AWS cloud infrastructure and automated CI/CD for web-based gaming platform
  • Converted entire infrastructure to code through AWS CDK written in TypeScript
  • Implemented SSO/OIDC authentication to all infrastructure APIs, elimating long-lived access keys, including from CI/CD systems
  • Refactored game server code to allow for horizontal autoscaling on AWS using ECS Fargate, utilizing AWS IoT MQTT messaging for server-to-server messaging.

Bot Defense Software Company

December 2018 - July 2021
Acquired by internet security company for $1 billion

  • Converted data pipeline deployment process from Apache Airflow to an automated multi-region deployment using GCP Config Connector on Kubernetes packaged in Helm charts through GitLab, deployed through a centralized ArgoCD dashboard, to enable rapid growth and scaling requirements of product
  • Refactored frequently deployed cloud resource package from Terraform to parameterized, versioned Terragrunt infrastructure code, enabling it to be deployed by more junior staff and upgraded on a per-customer basis across multiple regions
  • Contributed to development of API-driven customer self-service cloud provisioning in Python against GCP APIs
  • Provided technical guidance and rapid prototyping of multi-cloud automation solutions
  • Participated in Enterprise Architecture Review Board to establish standards, reference implementations, and reusable components across the organization

Healthcare Billing Startup

December 2018 - April 2021
Acquired by health tech company for $425 million

  • Established entire cloud architecture, CI/CD pipeline, SDLC, and developer platform from scratch
  • Converted existing VM-based prototype to Docker containers running on Kubernetes
  • Brought applications from prototype to running in production, with centralized logging, monitoring, secrets management, certificate management, and developer tooling
  • Implemented security policies, roles, and procedures to adhere with HITRUST and HIPAA requirements
  • Built and deployed integrations to allow all platforms to use company-wide SSO


DevOps Architect, Finicity

September 2018 - October 2019
Acquired by Mastercard in 2020 for $825 million

  • Served as lead infrastructure architect for a leading Fintech company in the aggregation and credit decisioning space
  • Designed and implemented standardized build and deployment platform based on AWS, GitLab, and Kubernetes with an emphasis on reliability, availability, maintainability, performance, security, and auditability
  • Spearheaded effort to adopt 12-factor principles in new applications and migrate existing applications
  • Led, trained, and mentored teams of Systems Engineers on-site and in our remote office in Mumbai, India
  • Established reusable process for Infrastructure as Code using Terraform, allowing rapid deployment of databases, object storage, networks, and caching servers based on preapproved templates that included standardized best practices by default
  • Defined best practices and maturity models for developing highly scalable and fault-tolerant applications and systems
  • Planned and managed deployment of over 50 new and existing services to Docker containers running on Kubernetes and AWS
  • Built and managed implementation of tooling allowing for rapid elastic autoscaling of batch processing jobs and server resources
  • Evangelized for DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices within the company, rapidly accelerating time-to-market for projects
  • Collaborated with security and development teams to translate standards and policies into a cloud-native environment
  • Built infrastructure and processes to surpass strict compliance and security requirements including PCI and SOC 2

DevOps System Engineer, WildWorks

July 2015 - September 2018
Acquired by Nazara in 2022 for $10 million

  • Took ownership over performance, reliability, security, scalability, and planning of infrastructure in AWS and DR facility supporting large online MMO for children (Animal Jam), serving over 55 million users, processing over 65 million pageviews a month, accommodating up to 50,000 concurrent users, and servicing 100,000+ of API calls per minute across 200 servers.
  • Reduced cloud infrastructure and CDN costs by 50% through an initiative to renegotiate contracts and increase server utilization through the implementation of Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Designed, led, and completed the architecture and migration to a common self-service platform across all product development teams utilizing Continuous Deployment practices to automate and standardize the build and deploy process for our 90+ microservices, reducing cycle times to a few minutes across all teams.
  • Implemented centralized logging across all services with full search capability, archival, and alerting.
  • Participated in on-call rotation, aggressively tackling the root cause of any reliability issues resulting in a 10x decrease in on-call monitoring notifications.
  • Migrated existing AWS infrastructure into private VPCs and implemented strict network segregation between environments.
  • Executed migration of 90+ services to centralized, internally-hosted GitLab revision control software feeding into Jenkins CI/CD pipeline for automated builds of Docker containers and 100% uptime deployments to Kubernetes, all controlled and revisioned in the project’s code repository.
  • Codified infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code tools like Packer to build system images and Terraform to deploy network, data storage, and infrastructure dependencies on AWS, allowing for easy automated updates and auditability for infrastructure stack.
  • Built, configured, and tuned data storage and message queuing stack including Amazon Aurora, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Riak, Dynamo, ElasticSearch, and RabbitMQ. Established clustering, high availability, automated backup, and DR plans for all data stores.
  • Collaborated with development teams on how best to implement new technologies, architect their applications for maximum performance and fault-tolerance, and improve development and QA processes.
  • Paired with developers to deploy new services, troubleshoot code or systems issues, and secure and monitor their applications.

Technical Implementation Engineer, Optum

March 2011 - March 2014
a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group

  • Deployed and configured Oracle and Claims Manager revenue-cycle optimization software for healthcare organizations throughout the US; integrated with existing Epic or GE PM systems.
  • Tuned performance of backend (Oracle & JBOSS) servers, migration scripts, and application queries.
  • Acted as each project’s main technical contact and actively communicated with client.
  • Developed tools to speed implementations and resolve issues more quickly, reducing downtime from days to minutes during cutover. Authored de-identification scripts to stage customer data in-house for troubleshooting and PL/SQL procedures to sync live and staging data during testing phases.

Database and Application Administrator, Tomax

May 2007 - March 2011
Acquired by Demandware for $75 million in 2015, then Salesforce in 2016

  • Led and managed back-end operations for pilot phase of influential customer deployment
  • Responsible for maintenance, optimization, troubleshooting, and planning of databases and applications for existing customers as well as new implementations
  • Participated in 24x7 on-call rotation responding to issues for hundreds of production servers
  • Automated common maintenance tasks and identified monitoring metrics to achieve 100% uptime
  • Identified potential problems and chose best solution in high-pressure downtime situations
  • Implemented, configured, and maintained Oracle databases, Oracle Application Servers, JBOSS Application servers, and in-house applications

System Administrator, Applied Research Laboratories

January 2005 - January 2007
University of Texas at Austin Research Lab

  • Managed and supported over 100 internal Windows, Linux, and Solaris systems
  • Automated and maintained OS patching, backup, and antivirus updates on Windows and Linux
  • Solved and diagnosed complex Windows and Linux issues in DoD secured labs

Analyst, Key Investment Group

March 2004 - January 2007

  • Developed advanced Excel models and calculators for financial analysis and managed client reporting
  • Designed and built an interactive Excel and PowerPoint sales presentation using VBA
  • Built custom applications on top of portfolio management software to automate common tasks